Slot Overview: Voodoo Reels

With Voodoo Reels, a slot game packed of pins, dolls, and spooky images, developer Stakelogic expands its thematic frontiers. When Stakelogic takes things in a more sinister direction, the outcomes are often intriguing. Voodoo Reels, a visually stunning game promising “unlimited free spins,” has the same problem at first. That’s a lot of spins for no cost, but does the implementation live up to the promise?

Voodoo Reels is creepy, but in a goofy, campy sort of manner. It’s not quite the terrifying spectacle that Gods of Death was, but the macabre elements are present. Here, amid a remote backwater decorated with gnarled trees, skulls, and lights, is a regular 5-reel, 10-payment game area. The organist seems possessed during the bonus rounds, when the music takes on a terrible tone. The cartoonish voodoo antics are well served by the understated basic game sound effects till then. Stakelogic has combined a pleasant visual style with an appropriate mathematical algorithm to great effect. This signifies that the activity is somewhat variable and the RTP is 96.49%.

You may wager anywhere from 10 pence to $100 or €100 every spin on Voodoo Reels. This is often only the starting wager in Stakelogic games. Players have the opportunity to use the Super Stake feature, which doubles their wager in exchange for perks that vary from game to game. Voodoo Reels’ voodoo doll pick-and-click function is activated at random whenever the Super Stake is used. It’s worth keeping in mind since theoretically, this happens once every 52 spins and can yield higher returns than regular base gameplay.

The objective of Voodoo Rees, playable on any device, is to line up at least three identical symbols along a payline. Even the low wage has a whiff of sorcery about it. Ten-A card pictures made to seem like rustic wood carvings. Crosses, candles, skulls, and a man with his face painted white all fetch greater prices from that point forth. When five premium symbols appear in a line, you’ll receive a payout of 15x to 50x your wager. Besides the wild symbol’s 500x payout for five of a kind, the hat-wearing guy also awards payouts for two of a kind. The wild can also replace any of the standard pay icons.

Slot Machine Featuring Voodoo Reels

There are several included extras in Voodoo Reels. The pick-and-click bonus is unlocked initially by collecting 6 yarn ball icons. These icons can occur at any moment in the main game, and your progress is tracked by a meter in the upper left corner of the display. The meter is saved at the stake level you currently have set. When activated, a screen with three voodoo dolls appears, and selecting one of them grants one of the following bonuses.

The Wild Mixer bonus offers three respins with the addition of two to six wilds in a completely random location on each spin.

Three more spins with randomly assigned sticky symbols are included in the Sticky Voodoo bonus round. When a sticky symbol lands, the other locations will continue to spin until no more sticky symbols or wilds may land. After determining the outcome of the previous spin, a new sticky symbol is selected.

Free games and multipliers of 0.2x, 2x, or 20x are awarded for landing 3, 4, or 5 voodoo doll scatters, respectively. The Unlimited Free Spins bonus, in which massive 3×3 symbols emerge on reels 2 through 4, always occurs after the standard free spins have been played. Free games keep coming until you gather three voodoo icons (they only show on reels 1 and 5).

The Case for Voodoo Slots

Voodoo Reels was initially an enjoyable slot machine. The pleasant mood is aided by the game’s solid visuals and Adams Family-esque harpsichord score. There are many features to experiment with, and the super stake provides yet another variable.

The sensation that you’re not going to succeed causes Voodoo Reels to lose its luster after a time. The alligator-like patience with which it offers limitless free spins is the game’s main selling point. Reaching them may seem difficult at first, but it often becomes less so as time passes. The collection of yarn that enables the pick-and-click function mitigates this to some extent.

Stakelogic fans may also be disappointed by the lack of the gamble function that was formerly included in all of their games. The studio appears to be phasing it out or, at the very least, not being as generous with it as they once were. Despite its theme, Voodoo Reels is a light slot with decent gameplay for those interested in some voodoo-themed entertainment. Features abound, and getting lost in the immersive setting is a lot of fun, but the overall effect is more like an optical mirage than genuine magic.

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